Appreciating Simplicity

This is something that I usually struggle with.  If you know me personally, you know I think *big* all the time.  In fact, my motto is, “go big or go home”.  I truly believe that you only get one shot to do it right… and to me living in regret is an absolute fear of mine.

But today something has dawned on me.

I feel that we are almost wired to always want what we don’t have.  We’re always dreaming about the things we want to accomplish, or owning the next best thing.  If you are a dreamer like me, you will find yourself spending countless hours dreaming up the next best thing and wanting to implement it like yesterday. But *big* things take time and effort.

Be a dreamer, dream big, aspire big, love big, want big…. but don’t lose sight of today and what you hold in your arms in that moment in time. Whether your dream is to make more money, have that dream career, your dream partner in life… you can not attain those things by constantly sitting back and worrying about how you will get there.

You have to put in effort, little by little, day by day, and make the best of what you do have.  If it’s love you seek — turn to those around you and invest that love in them, instead of investing love in the person who hasn’t arrived yet.  Most importantly invest love in yourself. If it’s that dream career — you have to keep working on your passion in whatever way you can, little by little…. and in the end those little efforts add up and evolve into that *big* dream.

Appreciating simplicity is the beauty to success and it lies in making the best of what you do have.

Just know, you don’t need a whole bouquet of flowers in order to be able to stop and smell the *peonies*.