Decoration Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

It’s officially Valentine’s Day!

While some may feel like this is holiday is a “cheesy Hallmark” holiday, to me, it’s my favorite!  A day that celebrates LOVE, how can that not be anything other than awesome?

I say, play this day up!

If you are choosing to stay in with your loved one this year, here is a concept that may make your night a bit more fun and memorable:

Create an Indoor Picnic Setting for your dinner!

Stage an indoor picnic, right in the comfort of your own home!  It is a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner plan.

So, whether you are cooking or ordering in — enjoy a romantic set-up on your very floor.

To make it cozy and comfortable, all you is the following:

  1. A Blanket
  2. A coffee table (or have at it, use the floor)
  3. Floor Cushions (or over-sized pillows, comfort is key!)
  4. Candlelight.  Always need candlelight.  and,
  5. Flowers!  Make your very own centerpiece by using your favorite blooms, but also pop in some jumbo heart shaped marshmallows.  You can use wire as a stem, or even wood skewers.
  6. BONUS:  bust out a picnic basket if you have one!

Voilà!  Pretty simple. It doesn’t take much… but it will do much.  Decorating always adds just that extra sense of special.

May you feel loved on this day — and as always, sprinkle a little LOVE out there on this day and everyday.   Make these special lifetime memories stand out.