Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A time to gather and create memories.

To kick off the holiday season, I wanted to share a special message:

Whether you are hosting, or attending – This Holiday season, I’m bearing down, and going back to the basics. I’m removing any pressure to a perfectly styled event in the effect to not lose sight of the importance of gathering with loved ones.

In a time of Pinterest, social media, and target marketing, we are flooded with information to buy more or that we need to have picture perfect celebrations.

When we gather in celebration, we are locking in lifelong memories. You do not need the most elaborate of centerpieces, or the finest china to serve your loved ones. Decorating is indeed the best way to show love and set the tone in your environment… but know that there is no right or wrong way in doing it. The only way you can do decorating wrong, is if we lose sight of it’s purpose – to serve love.

So whether you are decorating your holiday gatherings with paper plates, Salvation Army finds, or even if you are bringing out the fine china, SERVE KINDESS. SERVE UNDERSTANDING.

SERVE LOVE, always.

It doesn’t cost a thing, its the best decorative element — and we all need it more than ever.

Remember that you are enough and what you bring to the table is far more unique than what can be found on Pinterest.

Let’s not lose sight of the importance of gathering with loved ones and create memories of time when life was truly pretty.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed and may we think if all those who are fighting battles we do not know about on this day.

This message is in dedication to our Native Americans citizens fighting for their rights at Standing Rock. Sending love to the Water Warriors. For more info: