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Decoration Inspiration: Halloween

It’s almost Halloween Weekend!

For those hosting a celebration this weekend and need some last minute decorating ideas.  We have a couple of ideas to play off of along with where you can buy your last minute decorations!  Here are some ideas!

1.  Create a Backdrop

Stranger Things, the Netflix hit show is filled with lots of decorating inspiration.  Such as the alphabet wall.  We created a backdrop inspired by the alphabet wall and made it our own using electrical tape for our lettering along with a “Trick or Treat” theme for our tablescape.

2. Display snacks, dessert or candy on a decorated tablescape

The key to a pretty tablescape is, less is more.  I recommend sticking to different stations.  Keep snacks on one table, dessert/ candy on their own and create a fun story.

Use apothecary jars to fill candy.  World Market has an array of plain ones that can be used for future events, or they have some Halloween options as well:
World Market – Glass Halloween Apothcary Bottles
Party City – Sweets Treats

3. Pom Pom Ribbon

Add a fun unexpected Halloween decorative element using pom pom ribbon in place of spider webs.  Go ahead — sprinkle some eveywhere!  Found at Joann Fabrics.

4. Get your (easy) DIY on

A little fun DIY project — quick and easy + different.  I found a foam skeleton head at Joann Fabrics.  (on sale too!) bought some colorful ball head needles and created our “Chaos that lived inside his head” character.  Be careful not to poke yourself.  You can make this a permanent decorative piece by using crazy glue at the tip of the needle before sticking in the foam.  Note:  Keep out of child’s reach.

5. Glassware + Paper Straws for your Beverages

Drinkware is often overlooked.  Even if you opt to use plastic glasses or cups, I always have paper straws handy.  You want your beverage to be decorated too!

There are some amazing options out there at Party City.

For future events and when you’re not on a time crunch check out Oriental Trading’s website for some unique finds.