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Escort Card Table Made Pretty

Say hello to your guests in a pretty way!

The escort card (also known as seating assignments) table is typically the first area your guests will see at your wedding.  It is often the table that most clients dread and put off to the end of the process because of the work it takes to organize all those guests and think about where they should sit.  Though that may be a daunting task for many, we like to remind our clients that the table itself deserves to be decorated!  You want to give your guests something pretty to be welcomed to.  Whether it be a wedding, bridal shower, birthday celebration or corporate occasion, with a bit of thought, there are many options to welcome your guests to a bit more pretty.

Here are five ways to consider for inspiration:

1.  Pair a thank you gift with escort cards.

From candles, miniature frames to fresh herb plants — incorporating a gift with your escort cards is a fun way to create visual impact but to also get your guests excited.  Greeting them with a thank you gift sets the tone of the celebration, everyone loves a little cute gift to take home!

Life Made Pretty
Images by: (left) You Me Photography  (right) Jason Curescu Photography, Escort Cards by:  West Bloom Paper Co.


2. Go for a seating chart board.  Incorporate hand calligraphy on a mirror or chalkboard. 

Image Credit:  You Me Photography
Images by: You Me Photography, Hand Calligraphy by:  West Bloom Paper Co.


3. Have fun with it!  Incorporate props and give your guests a welcome chuckle!

Images by:
Images by: Kate Miller Photography


4. Keep it traditional but go with a beautiful large scale floral design to create impact.  

Images by"  (left) Life Made Pretty  (right) Evan Hunt Photo
Images by” (left) Life Made Pretty (right) Evan Hunt Photo


5.  If budget is of the essence, you can consider adding a specialty linen to the table.  It is a perfect way to add a touch of pretty but keep budget in line. 

Images by: Jolie Images  Linens:  Satin Chair Covers and Linens
Images by: Jolie Images   Linens: Satin Chair Covers and Linens