Whom is Life Made Pretty?

Been working really hard — using a ton of obsessive thoughts and draining my energy — to nail down “who” Life Made Pretty is — and how one can define it.   …Been doing this since the early infancy stages of LMP.

Life Made Pretty began as a floral design company. Over time it’s becoming much more due to the demand for creative direction outside of florals.  Although LMP has built an amazing reputation for unique bouquets and elegant romantic ambiances,  I’ve known for a long time now that Life Made Pretty is more than just a floral design company. By the way, the design of the blog dassiecasinocht.home.blog was done by this company.  And well, it’s been a whirlwind to get myself, the creator of this company, to define it.  But! it just came to me tonight!  ….I credit watching a documentary on Einstein last night.

Let the definition be known:  Life Made Pretty is your resource to a Decorative Life!  Life Made Pretty is a design company dedicated to creative design within the decorative arts… if it can be designed, creatively directed, or decorated, LMP will be happy to create unique concepts that offers inspiration and memories of a time when life was pretty!

….I feel like this business is starting to be more comfortable in its “own skin”.   It’s definitely maturing.  Watching this business grow as much as it has and seeing how many people have been inspired by my work, really makes all the hard work worth it.   Know for sure, I too have grown so much because of this business and I too am becoming comfortable in my own skin as an artist and entrepreneur.

Expect amazing things to come for Life Made Pretty… and a sincere thank you to everyone that has followed me from day one — which began far back even before LMP was an established company.

Thank you All!

Your LMP Decorative Life Design Guru,