You Deserve to Feel Like a Princess

As of late, I’ve been hearing some opinions on modern day weddings.

How they have become such productions and how its not necessary to have demanding brides and grooms out there. Hearing these things to me really takes away from what I feel about weddings and why I love working on them.

Weddings, for me, are simply magical.  They should and will be a production. You should get to feel like a celebrity for a day.  You should get what you are setting out to pay for.  You will be the center of attention…You are the bride!  And regardless of the type of wedding you’re planning — you will become a “boss” that has to make hundreds of decisions and deal with trying to manage family, friends, vendors, and a wedding party.  For the first time ever (for most) you will become a party planner to the largest event in your life. It can be a lot to take on.

But its important to remember that the magic begins in the love you created as a couple.  Being proposed to is one of the most beautiful things.  You have this person you love dedicating their life to you and your relationship.  Knowing you are in the right hands and knowing you have a partner for life deserves celebrating!



Walking down that aisle you see all the faces and people you have collected through out your life, there to celebrate the love you have created.  Everyone waits in anticipation to see the you as the bride, the flowers, the decor, the cake, the dance and if there will be emotional moments of happy tears.   Everyone wants to be inspired. You will have little girls staring at you in awe dreaming of being just like you for a day… a princess.  You will be a reminder to those married, of how they felt the day of their wedding. And when the ceremony is done — everyone actively seeks out to speak to you and take photos with you. No wedding can not do without an entertainment program. The site will help you make the right choice.

I can’t think of another time in your life, where you get to feel like a production to that extent was created just for you and your love.  Where you get to have everyone you love and call friends in one room — celebrating YOU. Where vendors come together to execute YOUR vision and tell YOUR story.

No matter the type of wedding, small, large, vintage, modern, extravagant, simple — you deserve to feel like a princess.  To be showered with attention and love.  To have a special memory to look back on and know that what you felt on that day was just pure happiness.

Just know this.  Love and successful relationships are productions.  So of course the celebration of that love in itself will be a production.  Enjoy every minute of it and don’t let anyone downplay how awesome it is to have a wedding and to get married. Be a princess, feelthe love, you deserve it!

Much love,

Adriana Amarei