Meet Adriana

It is so important for me to share my story.
When hiring a designer, it is important to know their journey, as it is important for the designer to know a client’s journey.

My creative abilities were discovered early on, second grade to be exact. It was then that my jaw dropped art teacher hung up my first pastel drawing of a still life. It was fifth grade when I was honored with a scholarship by the Chicago Public School System for a summer college level drawing and painting class at the School of the Art Institute. And it was in high school that I took on my very first job at a major department store in which I found a passion for artistically displaying merchandise. I fell in love with fashion and I wanted to design which prompted me to pursue an education in Interior Design.

My natural God-given talent has always been creativity and the ability to visualize and dream.  With Life Made Pretty,  I have a place where I belong and where my talents can be utilized.   I completely love dreaming up the next stylized photo shoot, or setting an ambiance for a special occasion and I’m obsessed with matching the best florals for bridal fashion. Visualizing colors, textures, having the opportunity to purchase and own amazing decor items, incorporating emotion into my work, all of it is just so fulfilling.  Every time I get a client thank you card or note, or when I receive photos of my documented work, I can’t even describe what that does for me.

My work truly derives from pure inspiration.  I have to be inspired in order to visualize and create.  My aesthetic is truly a blend of everything I am… my love for fashion (Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Valentino to name a few), my passion for music, my love for elegance, glam and sophistication, expressionism, romance, with a dollop of my European flare… I love blending the unexpected… and making sure there is always a touch of love.

Every event I take part in, I put a lot of thought and energy into. I want to ensure that my services contribute to my clients feeling fulfilled and left with a reminder of when a time when life was pretty.  Life Made Pretty allows me to not only be creative, but also utilize my talents to give back to the world, one pretty event, photo, or petal at a time. If my designs can be a source of inspiration and a reminder of a time when life was truly pretty, then my mission in life is complete. May each of you find beauty in life and always find a way to celebrate… it’s the memories that we build that will stay with us always.

Peace and Love Always,

Adriana Amarei

Adriana Amarei Soleim - Life Made Pretty